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Fernandes Kelly

Kelly Fernandes

Specialized Consultant

A Certified Industrial Hygienist, Kelly Fernandes works closely with member firms to assess workers' exposures to hazardous chemicals, biological agents, noise and heat stress, and create control/prevention programs. "I am passionate about what I do," she says. "It allows me to advocate for and help protect workers."

Kelly's expertise also extends to exposures related to the cannabis industry and COVID-19. She has created a webinar for the cannabis industry on how to protect workers, as well as a Pathogen Decontamination Checklist, which has become the template for COVID-19 decontamination procedures in Ontario workplaces. Kelly also contributed to the WSPS's popular Post Pandemic Business Playbook.

The author of several articles on occupational hygiene, Kelly has also spoken in the media about pandemic protocols. She has a Master of Science degree and a diploma in environmental engineering.

Kelly's customers fully appreciate her knowledge, skills, and efficiency:

Foliera utilized the consulting services of WSPS to perform a COVID-19 business review. Kelly Fernandes was extremely helpful throughout the process and was able to prepare a detailed report that we found to be a valuable resource in order to implement further safety protocols.”

Brian Gatcke, Production Manager | Foliera

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