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Esther Fleurimond

Specialized Consultant

With an authentic desire to help mitigate work-related mental health concerns, Esther promotes healthier, more inclusive, psychologically safe workplaces in her role as a Specialized Consultant in mental health. She provides guidance and thought leadership to organizations committed to building a healthy, respectful, engaging workplace culture.

I have a passion for workplace mental health. Collaborating with employers, leaders, and champions, I help to develop and implement a psychological healthy and safe culture, aimed at creating and nurturing a positive, open, and respectful work environment for both employees and management.

Esther holds a graduate degree in Occupational Health and Safety from Ryerson University and a B.A. in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources and International Business from the University of Montréal and a Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership from the University of New Brunswick. Her past experiences as a federal and provincial civil servant, which includes Ontario’s Public Sector and Federal Government, led to her deep interest in workplace mental health and safety.

“I am particularly proud to be part of WSPS Healthy Workplaces Portfolio composed of incredible individuals. My journey as consultant has been rewarding and consistently motivating. I’ve been called upon to provide psychological health and safety consulting services for both Canadian and international organizations which brought me to Africa, India, and South America!”

Esther’s dedicated commitment to helping managers develop the skills to become psychologically safe leaders for their teams is what she says keeps her excited about working in the field of workplace mental health.

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