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Patten Don

Don Patten

Specialized Services Lead

Don Patten is an ergonomics specialist who appreciates Ontario workers' daily contributions and wants to help keep them healthy and safe every day.

With an Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Don is also a Registered Kinesiologist (R.Kin), a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE), Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, as well as a published author who volunteers his time to ergonomics-related endeavours. By meeting - and exceeding - WSPS' high standards for education, experience, and internationally recognized certification, Don possesses knowledge, skills, judgement and an attitude in which businesses can be confident.

Don has specialized in applied ergonomics for more than 20 years and sees integration as the key to success. His approach: to work with multiple stakeholders, identifying opportunities to seamlessly integrate ergonomics into established processes, making long-lasting, permanent effects on how workplaces conduct their business. He represents WSPS at the Ergonomics Action Plan Committee of the Chief Prevention Office in Ontario.

"We are at the beginning of the industrial revolution 5.0," Don says. "I am inspired and motivated to bring ideas and strategies to our customers, so they can prepare for and thrive in this new economy and way of working."

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