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Bhavesh Mody

Specialized Consultant

With a vision to help improve worker health and safety in multiple settings, Bhavesh is a Specialized Consultant in machine safety and robotics who says the process of understanding a customer’s needs begins with “putting his feet in their shoes”. He comes to his role at WSPS with the understanding that machine safety and robotics awareness are key to protecting workers.

My goal is to provide unique and personalized solutions which identify the hazards and gaps associated with new or existing machinery and robotic systems. By understanding their needs, processes, and safety culture, I can assist customers with potential solutions that are effective at keeping workers safe and the organization compliant with legislative requirements.

With a degree in engineering, Bhavesh is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional who has amassed a wealth of experience in the complex processes that relate to industrial robots, automation, and large machinery. He is an active member of the Professional Conduct Committee with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals where they monitor risk and code of conduct breaches on an ongoing basis. Amid rapidly evolving technology, his collaborative approach to highly specialized solutions is what keeps him inspired and energized.

“It is so important to involve workers in the development process of a machine safety solution that works for them. Then, to see it’s working and keeping them safe - that is truly motivating.”

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