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Mental Health Research

Evidence-based tools and research to help you prevent mental harm in the workplace

Mental health impacts every workplace sector across Ontario. The workplace can be an environment that contributes to mental health illness and/or related injuries. Each employer plays an integral role in helping maintain the psychological health of their employees.

The WSPS mental health research portfolio is developing research tools and resources to support employers address mental health in the workplace.

Evidence-Based Tools & Resources:

Managers Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Managers are acknowledged to have a key role in the prevention of work related illness, as they act as a bridge between top management, the employee and occupational health care providers. The current study titled ‘Determinants of Managerial Preventive Actions in Relation to Common Mental Disorders at Work: A Cross-Sectional Study among Swedish Managers’ focused on managerial preventive actions in relation to Common Mental Disorders among employees. Feb 13, 2020

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Psychosocial Factors Impacting Workplace Injury Rehabilitation: Evaluation of a Concise Screening Tool

Psychosocial factors such as social support at home and in the workplace can impact both the causation and rehabilitation of workplace injuries. The current study aims to determine whether a concise four-question psychosocial screening tool the ‘How are you Coping Gauge?’ (HCG), is effective at predicting simple musculoskeletal injury recovery time. Jan 17, 2019

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Managing Depression in the Workplace

Researchers at the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) have conducted a research project to understand the practices employers are currently using to support employees who have experience with depression. Workplace practice findings were synthesized with the research evidence to provide a comprehensive knowledge base to create a guide for employers. The team has completed the develop of the guide and is now available here. May 09, 2018

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Work Health Promotion, Job Well-Being, and Sickness Absences: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

WSPS will partner Lakehead University with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council, Indigenous community representatives, multidisciplinary researchers, health and safety practice experts, and other stakeholders representing labour, government, Indigenous workers and employers to strengthen Indigenous workplaces to increase labour force participation and productivity, and reduce work disability within the communities of the Nokiiwin Tribal Council. Once complete WSPS will disseminate study results, keep checking the Research Portal for updates. Feb 28, 2018

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Supervisor & Worker Perspectives on Workplace Accommodation for Mental Health

WSPS has partnered with Lakehead University to identify factors that influence management decisions to accommodate workers with a mental health disorder and the factors that impact worker preference for accommodations. Feb 28, 2018

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Superior Mental Wellness @ Work: Results of a comprehensive employee mental health project in northwestern Ontario

To address the issue of mental health wellbeing in Northwestern Ontario workplaces, a research team led by Dr. Vicki Kristman and her research team developed workshops aimed to create workplace environments that reduce psychological hazards and maintain positive mental health for employees. May 17, 2018

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