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Can I refuse to work due to the pandemic?

YES! Under certain circumstances you may have the right to refuse work.

In one of our recent articles entitled "COVID-19: your top questions answered" we outlined the following scenario:

I don't think my employer is following physical distancing requirements? What should I do?

"Report your concern to your supervisor or employer verbally or in an email. This is your role under the Occupational Health and Safety Act's internal responsibility system (IRS). Your supervisor or employer's role, in turn, is to address your concerns in a timely manner. Because physical distancing is an important part of COVID-19 control protocols, expect a quick resolution."

"If your supervisor fails to take action, you can bring the matter up with a worker member of your JHSC or health and safety representative. Their job is to monitor the effectiveness of the IRS, not take direct action to resolve your concern. However, they can bring your concern to the employer. If it's still not resolved, your last options are filing a complaint with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development or exercising the right to refuse."

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