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How can I support the mental health of my employees during COVID?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the mental health of workers. As we navigate the gradual lifting of emergency measures, we need to build mental health into our emergency management and business continuity programs. Organizations that do will be better able to move forward in a coordinated and effective manner that protects their workers while focusing on solutions to support their operations.

Throughout the pandemic we have provided a wide range of articles, tools and resources to help you support the mental health of your employees visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub to access them now or get started with the article below.

5 ways to create a safe and inclusive workplace during the pandemic

Whether your employees are working from home, returning to the workplace, or have been in the workplace all along, they have been with some constant companions: COVID-19-related stress and anxiety.

It's hard to avoid. We're inundated with information all day long, from pandemic news briefings to whispered conversations between friends and co-workers.

"It's time for a longer-term approach to managing pandemic-related stress and anxiety," says WSPS Workplace Mental Health Consultant Krista Schmid. Here are five ways to create a safe and inclusive culture as the pandemic evolves.

1. Understand what employees seek from their employer. Briefly,
guidance, assurance and leadership
a sense of involvement and community
knowing their voices will be heard
honesty, authenticity, and even a little vulnerability
Be mindful of this while making decisions, implementing new measures, drafting communications, etc.

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