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Landscaper & Arborist Safety

Keeping landscaping & arboriculture workers healthy & safe on the job

Are you responsible for health and safety at your landscaping or arboriculture operation? Do you need help with meeting your legal responsibilities and health and safety requirements?

Working in landscaping or arboriculture comes with inherent risks. Crews must be mobile, moving staff and equipment to multiple locations each day, often dealing with inclement weather conditions and long hours in peak season. Other landscaping and arboriculture workers’ on-the-job hazards include:

  • Overexertion when moving or lifting objects such as equipment, supplies or debris
  • Being struck by an object such as a falling branch
  • Slips, trips and falls resulting in injuries such as fractures, sprains or strains
  • Machinery hazards
  • Chemical exposure

We offer health and safety solutions to help you demonstrate due diligence, address hazards specific to landscaping and arboriculture, and give your workers knowledge and skills to stay safe.

We have utilized Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, specifically Fred Young over the last 15 years for a variety of Health and Safety Training . . . He was able to further help our staff to understand their roles and responsibilities as supervisors. He expanded on legal duties, due diligence, different training/learning styles, discipline and the need to document any issues . . .

Samantha Bell, Algonquin Property Services Inc.

We have the expertise to help you keep your workers safe. Learn how we can support you:

Understanding the Health & Safety Legislation

As a workplace that falls under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the Regulations under the Act, landscaping and arboriculture employers must take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers. Sections 25, 27 and 28 refer to the duties and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers. OHSA also requires employers to appoint “competent” people as supervisors.

Learn more about the OHSA and get your questions answered to help you ensure compliance.

Landscaping & Arboriculture Safety Information

What aspect of landscaping or arboriculture safety would you like to understand? We offer fact sheets, checklists and guides on a wide range of safety topics relevant to you, from chain saws to hand-held tools, cold weather exposure to falling from heights, and training checklists - in multiple languages, to help you train temporary workers.

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Landscaping & Arboriculture Safety Training

Would you like to go beyond basic information and upgrade your health and safety knowledge and skills? We understand that the seasonal nature of your work creates an ongoing need to recruit, train, and supervise new workers. Therefore, we offer you videos, electronic and self-paced courses, and onsite and classroom training. You and your workers can learn about a wide range of topics, including orientation to health and safety for workers, WHMIS and impairment in the workplace.

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Consulting Solutions for Landscapers & Arborists

Our experts can help you understand and meet your legal requirements. Starting with a needs assessment, we can provide customized training, help you to develop and implement your health and safety programs, and advise in technical areas such as ergonomics, machine safety, occupational hygiene and more

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