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Working for Workers Four Act, 2023

Salary transparency, supports for newcomers, fair hiring practices and more

The Ontario government is introducing new legislation, that if passed, would provide additional protections for Ontario workers.

Elements of the Working for Workers Four Act, 2023 legislation:

  • Require employers to disclose salary ranges in job postings.
  • Require employers to disclose if artificial intelligence is used during the hiring process.
  • Ban the use of Canadian work experience as a requirement in job postings or application forms.
  • Strengthen wage protections for restaurant and hospitality workers by banning unpaid trial shifts, disallow employers from deducting an employee’s wages in the event of customer theft.
  • Require employers to post in the workplace if they have a policy of sharing pooled tips.
  • Require employers who pay tips using direct deposit to allow employees to select the account tips are deposited into.
  • Enable “super indexing” increases to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board benefits above the annual rate of inflation.
  • Restrict the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements in cases of workplace sexual misconduct.
  • Improve cancer coverage for firefighters and fire investigators by lowering the duration of employment needed to receive presumed (automatic) compensation prior to diagnosis with esophageal cancer from 25 to 15 years.

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