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Hiring & keeping employees top concern: survey

Ensuring safety and well-being key to attracting and retaining talent

Results of WSPS’ 3rd Annual Health & Safety Leadership Survey and first-ever Health & Safety Employee Survey are in, and attraction and retention of staff are the top business challenges facing leaders.

The surveys were deployed in fall 2021 and provide a look into the state of health and safety: the big concerns, emerging issues and response to the pandemic.

Key Findings

  • Employers who create physically and psychologically safe workplace cultures are poised to win the battle for talent.
    • Employees have been placing higher value on their physical and mental health since the pandemic began.
    • There is universal agreement between employers and employees regarding an urgent need for emotional and mental well-being on the job.

  • Leaders advised to be steadfast in their commitment to health and safety.
    • Lack of senior leadership is cited among the greatest challenges hindering the implementation of OHS programs.

All Findings

Survey results have been compiled in an easy to read, 40-page White Paper.

Although the two surveys were not identical, some questions did overlap, revealing where leadership and employee perceptions and opinions aligned, and where they did not.

“Whatever your situation, you can act on the information in this survey,” says Lynn Brownell, WSPS President & CEO. “Building a healthy and safe workplace culture begins by getting your head and heart around important conversations and building a plan.”

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Survey Analysis & Additional Answers

For those looking for a deeper dive into the survey findings, a free webinar is being held on June 2, 2022: Leadership Challenges In Post-Pandemic H&S: 3rd Annual H&S Survey Results.

Presenters include:

  • Raj Kuchibhatla (Managing Director, RKI)
  • Hugh Grzela (Director Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning, Dexterra Group)
  • May de Guzman (Senior National Manager – Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, Purolator)

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