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Passed: Working for Workers Act, 2022

New worker supports & protections

On April 11, 2022, Bill 88: Working for Workers Act, 2022 (Working for Workers Act 2) received Royal Assent.

The Working for Workers Act, 2022

  • Increases the maximum fines for operators and directors of businesses that fail to provide a safe work environment that leads to a worker being severely injured or dying on the job.
  • Requires employers to provide a naloxone kit in workplaces where overdoses are a potential hazard.
  • Mandates larger employers establish and share policies with their employees that outline how they monitor them using electronic devices like computers, cell phones and GPTS systems.
  • Establishes foundational rights and protections for digital platform workers who provide ride-share, delivery, or courier services.
  • Enables out-of-province workers to register in their regulated profession or trade within 30 days.
  • Expands military reservist leave and employment protections.
  • Clarifies the treatment of many IT and business consultants under the Employment Standards Act.

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