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Confined Spaces Consulting

A confined space program can help your protect business and workers, let an expert help

Do you have spaces in your workplace that are fully or partially enclosed that aren’t designed or constructed for continuous human occupancy? Is it possible that a hazard may occur because of its construction, location, contents, or because of work that is done in it? If you answered yes, these are considered confined spaces and you may benefit from the help of an expert consultant.

Working with a WSPS Confined Spaces Consultant

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants can help you identify, assess, and reduce confined space risk. Examples of potential confined spaces include:

  • storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boilers, pressure vessels, vats, bins, silos, bag-houses and other tank like compartments usually having only a manhole for entry
  • open topped spaces such as pump wells, augured caissons, pits or degreasers
  • pipes, sewers, ducts and similar structures
  • cargo tanks, cellular double bottom tanks, duct keels, ballast and oil tanks and void spaces
  • chutes, mill holes, ore bins, inside of a skip hanging in a shaft, crusher jaws
  • flues, chimneys, ovens or furnaces

We offer a range of solutions that support the full list of examples above. Each of our solutions is designed to help ensure you are not only meeting legislated standards, but that you are also proactively working to protect and keep your workers safe.

Solutions include:

Identification of confined spaces

Have you been wondering if areas in your workplace would be considered a confined space? The only way to determine if it is, is to have it evaluated. Let our expert consultants assist you in correctly identifying your fully or partially enclosed spaces meeting the criteria of a confined space.

Development of confined spaces program

Once you’ve identified a confined space that workers may enter to perform their work you are required to develop a written confined spaces program. The key to any successful program is to have a plan. Don’t know where to start? Let our consultants help.

Conduct confined spaces hazard assessments

By law, before any worker can enter a confined space you must ensure that an adequate assessment of the related hazards is conducted. The assessment includes a wide range of hazards and may seem daunting; however, our knowledgeable and highly experienced experts are here for you and will work closely with you throughout the process.

Worker training

We offer a range of confined space training for various sectors which will help your workers understand confined space legal requirements, recognize confined spaces and hazards, identify controls, and perform a confined space rescue.

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