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Technical Consulting

Customized health & safety solutions to meet your workplace needs

Do you need help addressing specific technical health and safety issues? From noise to warehouse safety to musculoskeletal issues, each workplace presents unique challenges and hazards. You might require the help of a consultant with specialized technical expertise.

Choose from the options below to learn more about technical consulting services from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

Confined Spaces

While definitions vary between jurisdictions, generally speaking, a confined space means a fully or partially enclosed space that is not designed nor constructed for continuous human occupancy in which hazards may occur because of its construction, location or contents, or because of work that is done in it. Our team can help you better understand confined spaces and how you can identify, assess, and control hazards that stem from them.

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Musculoskeletal disorders affect every workplace but can be managed and prevented through ergonomics. Learn about the assessment, coaching and program development services our ergonomics consultants can provide to help you to reduce the risk of injury.

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Machine Safety & Robotics

One of our machine safety and robotics specialized consultants can help you fully understand the hazards, associated risks and risk reduction measures that can be applied to machines and robotic systems. Our team can help you understand safeguarding options and the nuances of safe work practices in order to help keep your workers safe. Learn more about our support services, which include risk assessment facilitation, safeguarding assessments, and lockout placarding.

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Occupational Hygiene

To correctly anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control harmful agents in your workplace (such as chemicals, physical agents, or biological hazards), you’ll need the expert skills of an occupational hygienist. Discover how our occupational hygiene consultants can help you identify, assess, and control these hazards.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Are you familiar with the safety practices associated with machinery, racking systems, lift trucks, loading docks, and the movement of goods and people? Find out how our expert warehousing and distribution consultants can help you to get a handle on the procedures and systems that will keep your warehouse or distribution centre safe.

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