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Whether it's compliance training, conducting hazard identification, risk assessments, or completing a full review of your health and safety program, we deploy best-in-class knowledge, experience and quality management standards. Our experts assist you with the development and implementation of leading practices - advocating for the advancement of health and safety performance.

Consulting Solutions:

Essential Elements Program

This solution provides customers with a health and safety documented system and an implementation roadmap to help them integrate health & safety into their organization. Essential Elements is the foundation to creating an overall health & safety program focusing on the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements. Hazard specific programs beyond the Essential Elements are required for the customer to have a comprehensive health and safety prevention program.


Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) states that employers must take every reasonable precaution to protect workers, provide information and instruction, and to ensure that workers properly use or wear the required equipment. These WSPS consulting solutions support customers with hazard identification, risk analysis and control verification and validation activities.

Hazard Specific Programs

These WSPS Consulting Solutions are designed to help move customers closer to meeting compliance with the legal expectations of the OHSA related to the specific hazards within their workplaces. Our work helps the customer deal proactively with diverse hazards in a structured and consistent manner following recognised industry practice. These solutions ensure the hazards identified are managed relative to risk and that workers can subsequently receive the training necessary to ensure workplace safety.

Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions are presentations of up to 2 hours in length delivered at your workplace by WSPS consultants. They are designed to help meet their legal duty to provide information about workplace hazards to employees. The sessions will help workplaces implement a safe operating procedure. They may be used as a stepping stone to more in-depth training or to support training that other employees might currently be receiving.

Audits/Gap Analysis

WSPS audits and gap analysis solutions provide customers with insight on the degree to which their health and safety system is aligned with their existing business processes and broader industry standards. These services vary from those designed to help move customers closer to meeting compliance with their legal expectations, to audits and gap analysis for national or international Safety Management Systems These services reinforce good industry practice which applies continuous program review and as a tool to manage safety in an objective way.

"One of the biggest challenges can be convincing individuals that each one of them can make a difference."

Kevin Smith, Consultant

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