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Greenhouse Safety

Keeping your employees safe & your business productive

Are you responsible for health and safety at a greenhouse operation? Do you need help with meeting your legal responsibilities and health and safety requirements?

From scissor lifts and soil handling conveyor systems, packing machines to shipping areas, working in a greenhouse comes with inherent hazards. For example:

  • Falls from heights
  • Overexertion and repetitive strain when moving or lifting objects such as equipment, supplies or debris
  • Substance abuse in the workplace
  • Heat stress
  • Slips, trips and falls resulting in injuries such as fractures, sprains or strains
  • Machinery/equipment hazards
  • Chemical exposure

Green Thumb Garden Centre is such a fan of [WSPS consultant] Sheila James. Each year, she puts together a health and safety seminar for our gang that is complete yet concise, entertaining us whilst reinforcing our understanding of the material presented with lots of real life examples, which help us understand safety risks in our industry . . .

Mary Shearman Reid, CLP Green Thumb Garden Centre

Take advantage of our extensive experience with greenhouse health and safety. Learn about how we can help you:

Understanding the Health & Safety Legislation

In 2006, greenhouse operations came under Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA). This means that the rights and duties for workers and employers outlined in the OHSA will apply, inspection and enforcement will apply, and both workers and employers will participate in workplace health and safety matters. Learn more about the OHSA and get your questions answered to help you ensure compliance.

Greenhouse Safety Resources

What aspect of greenhouse safety would you like to understand? We offer fact sheets, checklists and guides on a wide range of safety topics relevant to greenhouses, from electrical hazards, to working at heights, to employee orientation and training checklists - in multiple languages to help you train temporary foreign workers.

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Greenhouse Safety Training

Would you like to go beyond basic information and upgrade your greenhouse safety knowledge and skills? We understand that the seasonal nature of your work creates an ongoing need to recruit, train, and supervise new workers. Therefore, we provide videos, electronic and self-paced courses, and onsite and classroom training.

Discover how our training supports the top priority gaps identified in the “Greenhouse Risk Assessment Project” (see details below) to help workplace parties understand their legal roles and responsibilities and how to implement a basic health and safety program.

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Consulting Solutions for Greenhouse Growers

Our greenhouse experts can help you understand and meet your legal requirements. Starting with a needs assessment, we can provide customized training, help you to develop and implement your health and safety program, and advise in technical areas such as ergonomics, machine safety, occupational hygiene, safeguarding and more.

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Greenhouse Risk Assessment Project

The Greenhouse Risk Assessment Project is a multi-year initiative undertaken by the Ontario Ministry of Labour in coordination with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services and greenhouse industry stakeholders. Based on our stakeholder consultation findings, we’re developing a “Safety, Health and the Law for Greenhouses” training course which provides a roadmap for a customized health and safety program.

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