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Understanding Health & Safety: The Business Case for Safety

Workplace health & safety is about more than keeping people safe: it’s an investment in your employees & your business success

A business that is protected can grow. Workplace health and safety is about more than keeping people safe: it’s an investment in your employees and your business success.

Beyond preventing Injury, illness, and property damage, a health and safety program will help you to strengthen continuity, productivity and your relationship with your workers. Some of the specific business benefits include:

  • Positive employee morale and a reduction in turnover
  • Fewer sick days
  • Consistent customer service
  • Stable production
  • Positive impact on your business’ reputation and brand capital
  • A competitive advantage when recruiting new talent
  • Lower Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) costs

We're here to help you to protect the potential of your workers and your business. Visit our new Resource Hub to access information, tools, and tips for building your business case for safety.

People are our business. We’re very heavily labour dependent and we can’t do it without our people. And it is incredibly important that we protect the potential of every single worker here, every single day.”

~ Susan McBride, Director of Human Resources, Highline Produce

Workplace Health & Safety Case Studies

Uncover real-world examples of businesses benefiting from health and safety investments. Read case studies and watch our client and staff video's that reveal how businesses in the agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors – from a poultry farm, to a large hotel, and a local muffler shop – strengthened their operations by strengthening health and safety.

Real life workplace safety stories:

How Midas Muffler Built Safety into the Business
How Marriott Residence Inn Engages Its Employees in Health & Safety
How Archer's Poultry Farm Ltd. Kept their Business & Workers Safe
How Health & Safety Helped TFP Stairs & Railings Grow
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