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Volunteer Opportunities

Be part of a safer working community. Take advantage of volunteering & networking opportunities

Workplace safety takes a community effort – and you are an important part of that community. By getting involved with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, you can show leadership and help create cultures of health and safety.

Help Us Make Workplaces Safe

Volunteers are integral to the success of WSPS and the health and safety system in Ontario.

WSPS is committed to protecting Ontario workers and businesses in Ontario. With over 172,000 agricultural, manufacturing and service sector businesses and 4.2 million workers needing our support, WSPS relies on a strong volunteer network to fulfill this promise. Their contributions are well recognized within WSPS and among the province's health and safety system partners.

"Our volunteers help us reach some of Ontario's most vulnerable workforces: remote communities, small businesses and young workers to name a few. Because of them we're making an impact. We're proud to have these dedicated and knowledgeable individuals as our advocates and aids."

Our Volunteers Make a Difference

With commitment and passion, WSPS volunteers act as safety advocates and champions throughout Ontario. By sharing their skills, abilities, knowledge and influence, our volunteers help to further our vision: Every worker. Healthy and safe. Every day.

Together we work to create a culture of safety, visible in Ontario homes, workplaces, cities and towns.

Share Your Talents

We welcome volunteers from a wide-range of backgrounds and disciplines; extensive health and safety expertise to those just starting out. All you need is a passion for keeping people safe and a willingness to learn. As a WSPS volunteer you'll play an important role within your community, delivering one our many volunteer programs.

Learn more about the volunteer programs available across Ontario.

With WSPS, they’re more than just a vendor to me. I am a volunteer. I sit on the volunteer council. I help with conferences and I truly believe that they’re an important part of our community.

Rich Poirier, Health & Safety Leader, Tenaris Algoma Tubes

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