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Farm Safety for Employers

Keeping farm & workers healthy, safe & productive

Do you need help keeping workers safe on your farm? Are you meeting your legal responsibilities and health and safety requirements?

A farm with paid employees is a workplace like any other under Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA). As an employer, you are responsible for running a safe farming operation. So how can you ensure compliance with the legislation, keep workers safe, and prevent illness and injury?

We can help you to meet your farm safety requirements

At Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), we understand farm safety. Our history dates back more than 40 years to the former Farm Safety Association (FSA); we merged with the Industrial Accident Prevention Association and Ontario Service Safety Alliance to form WSPS in 2010.

To understand and meet the needs of Ontario farmers, we work in partnership with organizations like the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. And we partner with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to raise awareness of safety in the agriculture community and influence behaviour change in the sector.

Our business had the opportunity to work with a WSPS consultant to ensure our farm safety procedures were strong. Not only were they extremely helpful in ensuring our current plan was up to date, but assisted us in developing a strong COVID plan to accompany the safety plans already in place

Tiffany Chanyi, Assistant Manager Shabatura Produce | A Division of Shabatura Farms Ltd

Whether you need to build basic awareness, knowledge or skills, respond to a Ministry of Labour Order, train workers, or develop a health and safety program, we can help your farm operation. Learn how we can support you:

Understanding the Health & Safety Legislation

In 2006, farming operations with employees came under the OHSA. This means that the rights and duties for workers and employers outlined in the OHSA will apply, inspection and enforcement will apply, and both workers and employers will participate in workplace health and safety matters. Learn more about the OHSA and get your questions answered to help you ensure compliance.

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Farm Safety Information

What aspect of farm safety would you like to understand? We offer fact sheets, checklists, and guides on more than 40 agriculture safety topics, such as farm equipment, noise hazards, tractor safety, heat stress, orchard ladders, and more - in multiple languages, to help you train temporary foreign workers.

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Farm Safety Training

Would you like to go beyond basic information and upgrade your farm safety knowledge and skills? We offer videos, electronic and self-paced courses, and onsite and classroom training covering a range of topics such as orientation to health and safety, tractor safety and electrical hazards.

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Our experts can help you understand and meet your legal requirements. Starting with a needs assessment, we can provide customized training, help you to develop and implement your health and safety programs, and advise in technical areas such as ergonomics, machine safety, occupational hygiene, safeguarding and more.

Do you employ workers on your farm?

Are your family members a part of your farming operations? Keep your loved ones safe on the farm – live and work safely

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