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My Account FAQ

Find answers and tips to get the most out of your My Account expereice, including accessing your account, changing your password, setting-up your employee list and more

Setting-up your New Account

Step 1. Select the Login Button

Step 2. Select Register Now

Step. 3. Add your Account Details

Please ensure to fill out all fields with an asterisk.

Under Account Type carefully select Business or Personal. Unlike a personal account, business accounts will require address details which will then be used for billing purposes.

Account Details

*Tip make note of the email account you use for registration and your password.

Step 4. Confirm your New Account

Once you've successfully added your account details and selected Register you will be directed to the confirmation screen below. Additionally, you will recieve an email from with the subject line Activate your account. Please access this email and click the link included to finalize your account registration. Please note that your account will not be activated until this step is completed.

Registration Confirmation

Forgot your Password

My Account was Created Prior to August 23, 2021

Created your account before August 23, 2021? Click HERE to create a new account.

My Account was Created After August 23, 2021

Created your account after August 23, 2001? Click HERE to reset your password.

Purchased Training and Need to Register Participants?

Step 1. Select the Login Button

Step 2. Complete your Login Details

Step 3. Access your Order History

*Please note that order history previous to August 23, 2021 is not available through our new website.

Step 4. Update Incomplete Orders