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Whether you have a current health and safety program or are starting from scratch, our team of experts can be your guide. From compliance training, conducting hazard identification and risk assessments to completing a full review of your health and safety program, we deploy best-in-class knowledge, experience and quality management standards.

Our experts are here to assist you with the development and implementation of leading practices - advocating for the advancement of health and safety performance.

We offer a wide array of OHS consulting programs to fit your unique workplace needs.

Consulting Programs:


Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) states that employers must take every reasonable precaution to protect workers, provide information and instruction, and to ensure that workers properly use or wear the required equipment. This includes assessing, identifying and controlling all of the hazards in the workplace that could cause injury or illness to your employees. These hazards must then be eliminated or controlled. Employers, supervisors and workers can be prosecuted for not complying with the law.

Hazard Identification & preliminary Risk Assessment (HIpRA)

The Internal Responsibility System requires employers provide information on hazards to workers, and to protect workers from those workplace hazards. In Canada, CSA Z1002-12: Occupational Health & Safety Hazard identification and elimination and risk assessment control sets the foundation for adequate risk assessment process. HIpRA service is designed to be a customer facilitated general review of the major occupations conducted in the workplace. Information on hazards and risks will be amassed by internal and external document reviews, interviews of competent persons familiar with the work tasks and an onsite visit to validate initial HIRA findings.

Detailed Job Task Analysis

Detailed Job Task Analysis (JTA) is a key prevention activity that is designed to identify task specific hazards so that they can be eliminated or controlled before an injury or illness might occur. This activity focuses on a single job task specifically rather than a preliminary HIRA which has a broader focus on all occupations employed at the workplace(s). Customers find JTA activities beneficial particularly for high risk job tasks or tasks which result in reoccurring injuries or illness.

Confined Space Assessments

This detailed assessment service is designed to determine if a specific work area meets the legal definition of a Confined Space and to identify the hazards associated with each confined space.

The service is designed to help move customers closer to meeting compliance with the legal expectations of the OHSA and associated regulations related to confined spaces.

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

This service will provide employers with a structured violence risk assessment following the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO) model endorsed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. This assessment ensures the employer has considered and assessed the risk of workplace violence that may arise from the nature of the workplace, as well as the type and conditions of work. The assessment also takes into account the circumstances of the workplace and those circumstances common to similar workplaces, in order to develop measures and procedures to control identified risks which are likely to expose a worker to physical injury. Such measures and procedures form part of the employer’s workplace violence prevention program.

Essential Elements Program

This solution provides customers with a health and safety documented system and an implementation roadmap to help them integrate health & safety into their organization. Essential Elements is the foundation to creating an overall health & safety program focusing on the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements. Hazard specific programs beyond the Essential Elements are required for the customer to have a comprehensive health and safety prevention program.

Hazard Specific Programs

These WSPS Consulting services are designed to help move customers closer to meeting compliance with the legal expectations of the OHSA related to the specific hazards within their workplaces. Our consultants work closely with our customers to develop tailored and sustainable hazard specific programs for unique hazards experienced at the workplace.

Our work helps the customer deal proactively with these hazards in a structured and consistent manner following recognised industry practice. This ensures the hazards identified are managed relative to risk and that workers can subsequently receive the training necessary to ensure workplace safety. This service ensures the customer is working from a comprehensive and consistent program that addresses their needs.

Confined Space Program Development

In tandem with key customer stakeholders WSPS consulting professionals will review existing program documentation, the workplace and confined spaces in question in order to develop a "model" confined space entry program and supporting procedures that can enable safe confined space management protocols.

Safe Work Practices Development (SWP)

Safe Work Practices (SWP) assist employers to operationalize their health and safety program by documenting the areas or tasks that are at high risk listing out safe work practices to prevent injury.

Violence & Harassment Prevention Program Development

This solution provides Ontario Provincially regulated customers with a documented Workplace Harassment and Violence prevention program in alignment to the requirements of the OHSA, Ontario Ministry of Labour and Prevention System Partner Guidelines.

Tech Shop & Science Class Inspection - Student Injury Prevention Initiative

WSPS provides inspections of Tech Shops such as Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Hospitality, Cosmetology, Communications and Green Industries, identifying a broad range of hazards including machine, chemical and fall hazards. WSPS also inspects science classrooms, labs and storage/prep areas. WSPS has developed an inspection checklist for various types of classrooms, general conditions, as well as interview questions for administrators and staff. Contracts for these services are often won through and open RFP process, so the objectives, scope and pricing may vary depending on the specific needs of the school board.

Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions are presentations of up to 2 hours in length. They can be delivered at your workplace or in a virtual setting by WSPS consultants. They are designed to help employers meet their legal duty to provide information about workplace hazards to their employees. The sessions will help workplaces implement a safe operating procedure. They may be used as a stepping stone to more in-depth training or to support training that other employees might be receiving. These sessions can be accompanied by additional onsite or virtual consulting to assist employers to implement the learnings in their specific work environments.

Topics include:

  1. Covid-19
  2. Workplace Violence & Harassment - NOW available through virtual classroom training!
  3. Workplace Mental Health - NOW available through virtual classroom training
  4. GHS
  5. Heat Stress
  6. Lock Out/Tag Out
  7. MSD Prevention - Coming Soon for virtual classroom training!
  8. Sharp Equipment
  9. Burns & Scalds
  10. Slips, Trips & Falls
  11. Tractor Safety
  12. Driving Hazards
  13. Equipment Hazards
  14. HS Awareness for Supervisors
  15. HS Awareness for Workers (1 Hour)
  16. HS Awareness for Workers (2 Hour)
  17. AODA CSS

Audits/Gap Analysis

WSPS audits and gap analysis solutions provide customers with insight on the degree to which their health and safety system is aligned with their existing business processes.

These services are designed to help move customers closer to meeting compliance with their legal expectations. These services can also reinforce good industry practice which applies continuous program review, improvement and as a tool to manage safety in an objective way.

In addition to the assessments outlined below, WSPS provides a suite of Management Systems Audits and Gap Analysis services within our Integrated Consulting Solutions.

Management Systems including CORTM, ISO 45001 and CSA Z45001 and other standards based Management Systems auditing services are available.

Management System Audits

WSPS consultants can conduct comprehensive audits of employer occupational health and safety management systems to various standards including ISO 45001 and CSA Z45001. Depending on the standard employers strive to adhere to, our consultants are well versed to assist in identifying deficiencies in your program while validating your hard work in systematic way. These audits are vital for the certification of a management system.

Joint Health & Safety Committees (JHSC) Assessment

Health and Safety Committee Representatives play an important role in keeping customer workplaces healthy and safe. This service is designed to ensure the committee is both effective and in conformance to the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It is ideal when a committee may feel it is not functioning effectively or able to resolve issues that have been provided to it. The WSPS consultant providing this service will also teach the JHSC how to conduct a key group facilitation technique deigned to help committees explore strengths and weaknesses and achieve collaborative decision making outcomes.

Safety Culture Integration Needs Assessment (INA)

The Safety Culture Integration Needs Assessment (INA) provides customers with information on the degree to which their health and safety system is aligned with their existing business processes. The INA identifies areas of strength and areas where health and safety is not fully integrated into the company’s business operations. These areas become opportunities for the company to further strengthen their HS system, by bringing these aspects more closely into alignment.

Mock Workwell Audit

A health and safety audit is a proactive process used by customers to determine baseline Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program adequacy and as a tool to continuously monitor the effectiveness of program prevention efforts.

The Workwell Audit sets out a structured framework specifically aligned to reflect compliance with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Workwell audit service will help customers monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the efforts taken in their Health and Safety prevention program.

This service is designed to help move Ontario provincially regulated customers closer to meeting compliance with this legal expectation. This service reinforces good industry practice which applies a system audit as a tool to manage safety in an objective way.

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