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Health & Safety Leadership Starts with You

Join our CEO Leadership Network and help shape the future of workplace health & safety

In 2014, we partnered with the Conference Board of Canada and Bruce Power to establish the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network, bringing leaders together to build sustainable businesses and communities.

Members represent organizations of all types and sizes from private industry, trade and business associations, government, academia, and the health and safety prevention system.

Twice yearly, members meet in person or virtually to learn about urgent and emergent issues from subject matter experts and exchange knowledge and ideas with one another in pursuit of performance excellence.

In addition to optimizing health and safety performance, brand value, corporate reputation, and return-on-investment in their own organizations, members:

  • Influence provincial and national health and safety policies and ensure business requirements are represented in critical conversations
  • Contribute to the transformation of health and safety culture in Ontario

The Network publishes white papers and articles based on events and member interviews, and in 2020, launched the Psychological Safety Blog. Developed in collaboration with HowattHR, and partners, including the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the blog is a trusted source of information, tools, and resources to help leaders promote mental health and prevent mental harms while navigating the COVID crisis.

Join Us on the Journey

If you are passionate about building a healthy workplace culture and inspiring others to do the same, we invite you to become one of the leaders at our table.

Visit the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network website to learn more and apply to join by filling out the Membership Registration Form.

New Blog to Help Leaders Face Challenges During this Uncertain Time:

Psychological Safety Blog

We've partnered with HowattHR to bring leaders a trusted source of information, tools & resources to protect the health, safety & wellness of their people

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