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Board of Directors

The strength and success of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is backed by our volunteer board of directors. Consisting of 12 independent directors and our CEO its members represent a variety of industries and geographies across Ontario. Together the board provides oversight, insight, and foresight to WSPS operations.

Ajay Bhardwaj

WSPS Board Member | Technology & Innovation Committee Chair

WSPS board member Ajay Bhardwaj started his career working on Ergonomics consulting engagements in a variety of industries including utilities, textiles, automotive

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Bobby Singh

CTO & CISO Toronto Stock Exchange

WSPS board member Bobby Singh is a driven executive with proven track record for designing and implementing highly available and secure services.

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Fred H. Burke

Audit & Finance Committee Chair

WSPS board member Fred H. Burke is an accomplished c-suite executive having over 30 years of experience within large and mid-sized private and public companies

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Janet Cloud

Human Resources Committee Chair

WSPS board member Janet Cloud is an accomplished senior technology and operations executive with global experience in medium to large companies.

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Jason Fleming

Canadian HR Executive I Corporate Director

WSPS board member Jason Fleming is a Canadian HR executive, corporate director, speaker and thought leader with over a decade of varied HR experience.

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Lori Cornwall

Corporate Director

Lori is an experienced commercial and regulatory lawyer and an active volunteer.

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Lynn Brownell

President & Chief Executive Officer, WSPS

Ms. Brownell continually seeks new ways to extend WSPS' reach to the approximately 4 million employees working in the manufacturing, agriculture and services sectors across Ontario

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Marianne Matichuk, Chair

Former Mayor of the City of Greater Sudbury

WSPS Board Chair Marianne Matichuk has over 30 years of health and safety, political and business experience in several roles, including the first elected female and former Mayor of the City of Greater Sudbury

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Marjan Pouran

Tech & Agility Executive

WSPS Board Member Marjan Pouran has over 20 years of technology and leadership experience, she has been serving on boards for last 10 years across for-profit and not-for-profit

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Neal Oswald

SVP and Chief Operating Officer, Concentra

Neal's career has given him the opportunity to execute change across Strategy, Finance, Risk, Operations and Technology at many large organizations and banks.

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Nicola McGovern

Director, Environment, Health & Safety, Acklands-Grainger Inc.

WSPS board member Nicola McGovern is an effective senior leader, compliance professional and advisor with over 12 years' experience in environment, health & safety

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Scott Smith

National Health & Safety Coordinator, UNIFOR (Ford)

WSPS board member Scott Smith has more than 15 years in the labour movement and ten years' experience in Health and Safety. He represents a wide range of sectors

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Tony Thoma

Governance Committee Chair

WSPS board member Tony Thoma's experiences include senior-level positions in academia and industry including: Dean of Engineering Technology, VP operations

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As part of the our Director Recruitment policy, all director candidates must consider possible conflicts of interest with WSPS.

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