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Annual Reports

Every worker. Healthy and safe. Every day.

At WSPS, we help employers and workers ensure there is a tomorrow, filled with possibilities. When workplaces are safe, businesses prosper, and workers go home to their families at the end of the day.

Two years into a global pandemic, the way forward has been shaped by continuously shifting customer needs, technological advances, and the possibilities offered by remote and hybrid work. As businesses strive to recover, WSPS has been there to assist.

Traditionally in its annual report, WSPS has shared stories of working with individual customers. Although many interactions with businesses took place over the past year, WSPS’ 2021 Annual Report largely showcases health and safety initiatives that reached – and are reaching - a broad network of businesses.

As Ontario moves to “what’s next”, WSPS is committed to ensuring excellence in its in-person services while expanding its ability to reach an ever-growing number of businesses - bringing even more workers home, healthy and safe, when the workday is done.

Annual Reports:

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