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Adding Participants Frequently Asked Questions

Adding participants is required when purchasing courses online at WSPS. See below for how to steps plus frequently asked questions.

Can I purchase a course on behalf of an employee?

You can purchase courses on behalf of others. Once you've purchased the required number of courses, you should assign participants to the seats. This ensures your purchase is complete.

Important notice for eCourses only: A single learner account is only used if you wish to purchase the learning and take the eCourse yourself. If you wish to purchase the eCourse for someone other than yourself, then you need to need to have a multi-learner account which can be selected when placing a new order and selecting option multi-learner account.

How do I add myself or employees to a course? Virtual / In Person Training Steps

To ensure you have the right person assigned to each of the seats you have purchased for a course follow the steps below. Without completing these steps your order is not complete and the order will be flagged as incomplete and highlighted in red.

Step 1: Select the Login Button at

Step 2: Complete your login details

Login Page

Step 3: Access Your Orders History

Order History Drop Down

Step 4: Update incomplete orders by adding participants. (yourself or others). Your order is not complete until you fill all seats with participants.

Update incomplete orders

How do I add myself or employees to an eCourse?

In order to use the seats you have purchased it is important you follow the steps below:


  • Access your e-courses by logging into your WSPS Login
  • Go to My Account from the top drop down menu beside your user name.
  • Once you are in My Account you'll see My eLearning. Click on it and you will be directed to the VuBiz system.
STEP 2: (only for adding new employees as learners). Skip to STEP 4 if you have everyone set up as learners.
  • In VuBiz click on Learners (Add/Edit). In this section, you will assign yourself or employees at your organization. If you have over 50 learners, we can assist with a bulk upload. Please contact for information on the bulk uploading of learners.
  • Click on Add a Learner to begin entering their info.
Step 2 image: add a learner on VuBiz


Create unique username and passwords for each person you are adding. Then add their Name, and Email. Then when complete click Add a Learner (bottom of screen). Ensure you enable Receive Alerts and Active so that you learners receive an email notification and instruction so they can log into their e-course.

Step 3: Add Leaner on VuBiz


Once you have added employees you can go back to Facilitator Home in the drop down menu at the top Righthand corner of the screen. From there select Assign Content. This allows you to assign the programs you have purchased to your learners (employees).

Step 4: WSPS Facilitator home on VuBiz


Select individual learners below to whom you'd like to assign content or select all learners. Then select the programs you want assigned to these learners or select all programs and click the Assign button.

If you added the wrong employee, you can easily click RESTART to undo what you have done, enabling you to start over. When your assignments look good, then click COMMIT.

IMPORTANT: Once content is assigned and committed it cannot be unassigned! Inactive Learners are only rendered to show possible previous assignments

Step 4: Assign content on VuBiz

When will we receive the course details?

For eCourse: You or employees at your business will receive an email confirmation as soon as you enable email alerts in the VuBiz system and create unique passwords for each person and add their Name, Email address and assign the course. See the question above for steps on how to set this up.

For Virtual Instructor-Led Training: The link is sent out via email 2 days prior to the virtual course taking place for all employees signed up to the course. If you have not assigned yourself or others the order will be flagged as incomplete. See the question above for steps on how to ensure this step is complete.

For In Person Instructor-Led Training: A training registration confirmation is sent to the account owner once the order comes is processes by customer care. You'll need to forward this email on to all participants to ensure they have the information they require. Please allow up to 5 days for processing.