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Social Media Terms of Use

Our Social Media Terms of Use are set in place for your use of WSPS social media properties as follows:

The guidelines are independent from the terms of use outlined by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. It is expected that you have familiarized yourself with their rules of use as well.

By commenting or submitting material to our social media channels, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, accept, and agree to abide by our community guidelines.

About WSPS

WSPS is a not-for-profit organization committed to protecting Ontario workers and businesses. A partner in Ontario’s occupational health and safety system and a trusted safety advisor since 1917, WSPS has a rich history of making Ontario workplaces safer.

Providing consulting, training and resources to the manufacturing, agricultural and services sectors, we support over 172,000 member firms and 4.1 million workers. WSPS cannot advocate for individual workers in Ontario. For further information, please refer to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development or the Office of the Worker Advisor.

With WSPS, businesses and workers can access information, mandatory and voluntary safety training, safety consulting, events, resources, and community programs.

WSPS and Our Use of Social Media

WSPS uses social media channels to publish information about our many initiatives, as well as to provide access to our library of safety resources. By following our social media channels, you can better understand how to protect your employees and business by improving health and safety at your workplace.

The following is what you can expect from WSPS on our social media channels (outlined above).


Depending on the channel and information to be distributed, the frequency of posting on individual WSPS channels is subject to variation. Additionally, each channel may have different information deemed necessary to share. You may also notice slight variations in messaging from one property to another. This is done as is required by each platform in message length and policy for use.


Every effort is made by our social media team to ensure that the information we are sharing is correct. However on some occasions we may need to edit our posts or supply new posts that have been corrected.

If you happen to notice something that you believe has been posted in error, or with incorrect information, we encourage you to email to let us know. Submissions done this way are checked frequently and are likely to result in a quicker response time than by commenting or replying on the social media platform itself.

Occasionally, we may identify content on third-party properties that we deem relevant to our audience. We cannot indefinitely guarantee that third-party links will work as intended when initially posted to our properties. Posting a third-party link does not indicate an endorsement of third parties by WSPS and WSPS does not take responsibility for content on third party websites which are subject to change by others without notice. Additionally, WSPS does not accept compensation for posting third-party links.

Moderation, Commenting, and Responses/Replies

  • We encourage thoughtful dialogue across all WSPS properties and endeavour to read and respond to each comment or submission. Please note that response times vary and a response is not guaranteed in each case.
  • Please note that responses vary by channel and some accounts will not reply to public messages / replies.
  • For best results and more immediate response, or for confidential enquiries, we encourage you to email
  • In most cases, our social media properties are monitored from Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. On occasion, our social media personnel may not know the answer to your enquiry and you may be directed to other personnel as appropriate.
  • Please be aware that your comments may be public and you are responsible for taking steps to protect your privacy.
  • Please stay on topic. We may remove or hide comments that are not related to the post they are under.

WSPS reserves the right to remove or hide any comments and block accounts that may be considered:

  • Under copyright, or content you do not have the right to share
  • In violation of any law, rule or regulation or that promote illegal activity or conduct
  • Abusive, hateful, discriminatory, inflammatory, deceptive, vulgar or profane
  • Unsolicited or ‘spammy’ or openly advertising a product or service
  • Abusive to WSPS employees or management
  • Off topic or otherwise not relevant to the topic being discussed


It is important to exercise caution when posting, commenting, or engaging with any social media property. You are solely responsible for protecting your privacy while engaging with any WSPS social media property for any reason. Please read the WSPS Privacy Policy.

Other Considerations

  • The views expressed by any individual within the community are those of the individual, and do not reflect those of WSPS.
  • Any advice or information posted within the community should be verified for accuracy, are those of the individual posting, and do not reflect the views or endorsement of WSPS.
  • Sometimes, WSPS follows users that follow or engage with our community. A follow-back should not be considered an endorsement.
  • WSPS reserves the right to monitor, prohibit, restrict, or block users who violate the terms of use outlined herein.

Content published by WSPS on its social media channels does not necessarily reflect the opinions of WSPS. Terms may be changed at any time without notice.

Published: February 2022

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