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Safety & Quality Policies

WSPS is committed to safety & quality

Our Safety Policy

WSPS' vision of ensuring every worker remains healthy and safe, every day, is a commitment not only to our customers, but to our staff as well. We are committed to a process of continual improvement of our Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS), which should exemplify high standards of excellence to our employees, volunteers, and customers.

WSPS endeavors to ensure that our OHSMS creates a culture of trust and respect in order to positively impact physical and mental employee well-being, and to achieve organizational excellence. This commitment has been outlined within our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Our Quality Policy

WSPS is committed to achieving the highest standards, through continual improvement, in providing programs, products, and services that:

  • Meet customer and obligatory requirements, and serve the needs of our stakeholders,
  • Are effective for the prevention of injury and illness, and
  • Provide value in terms of the services delivered and outcomes achieved for the costs incurred.

The WSPS senior leadership team is committed to promoting and integrating the risk-based thinking approach into the business planning of operations and changes to ensure the corporate business objectives and continuity are achieved.

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