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Working Together for a Healthy & Safe Ontario

Partnership is a cornerstone of effective health and safety - and it's a cornerstone of how we operate at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. We work in partnership with you, and with partner organizations to create a complete injury, illness, and fatality prevention system.

One of Ontario’s Health & Safety Associations

WSPS is a proud partner within Ontario’s occupational health and safety system: each system partner has specific roles and responsibilities:

  • Ministry of Labour: responsible for enforcing the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act, and accompanying Regulations.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB): responsible for providing workers' compensation to Ontario workers and no-fault insurance for Ontario's employers.
  • Six health and safety associations, including WSPS: responsible for training and consulting, focused on the prevention of workplace injury and illness.

The province’s six health and safety associations include:

We work with our system partners to meet the health and safety needs of all workers and employers under provincial jurisdiction across Ontario.

Other Partnerships

WSPS also works with commercial, government, industry, community/advocacy, and other strategic partners. These partners bring knowledge, expertise, capabilities, and insights that help us to understand the needs of workers and employers, create value to meet those needs, and introduce new ways of working that have proven to be successful.

Our partners also help us to:

  • Reach new markets and industries
  • Shape workplace safety policy and practices in priority areas
  • Recruit and grow a network of ambassadors
  • Keep more informed on emerging issues and trends

CSA Group and WSPS share a mutual commitment to the prevention of workplace injuries, leveraging the talent and expertise of both organizations to achieve this important objective.

Mary Cianchetti, President, Standards, CSA Group

Partnerships are a key component to meeting our mission:

Partnership Opportunities

Let's explore how we can work together to ensure every Ontario worker returns home safe at the end of each work day

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