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Annual Reports

Every worker. Healthy and safe. Every day.

At WSPS, we help employers and workers ensure there is a tomorrow, filled with possibilities. When workplaces are safe, businesses prosper, and workers go home to their families at the end of the day.

The importance of workplace health and safety has never been more in the spotlight. As Ontario – and the world – enters a new age of challenge and opportunity, the focus on people, the changing ways we work and “what’s next” is top of mind for businesses and workers alike.

More people are recognizing that a strong health and safety culture is key to future success. To attract and retain talent – the biggest challenge employers are facing according to WSPS’ 2022 Health and Safety Leadership Survey – prioritizing health and safety is critical.

Within this environment, WSPS has been evolving its approach in better serving the health and safety needs of businesses and workers in Ontario’s agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors. The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, an extension of WSPS's 2020-2023 roadmap, covers alignment with core mandate, expanding reach, technological integration, driving awareness of a safety culture and more. In the 2022 Annual Report, we review accomplishments.

Annual Reports:

WSPS 2022 Annual Report
2021 WSPS Annual Report
WSPS 2020 Annual Report
WSPS 2019 Annual Report
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