How the WSIB Excellence program works

Your Journey Through the Program

  • Attend an info session: Understand the program and business case for health and safety.
  • Join: Choose an approved provider (WSPS), complete an assessment and select 1-5 topics to work on for the year.
  • Develop: Learn and implement safety topic(s) with the support of WSPS guides and health and safety professionals.
  • Demonstrate: Submit evidence of implementation for review by a WSIB validator.
  • Achieve: Receive rebates, non-financial recognition and improve health and safety in your workplace.

Making Your Workplace Safer Just Got Easier

The new Health and Safety Excellence program will help make Ontario a healthier and safer place to work. Success in the program can earn you rebates on your annual WSIB premiums and other non-financial recognition for your investment in health and safety.


  • Firms require an active WSIB account in good standing with the WSIB
  • Both Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 firms can participate; however, financial incentives are only available to Schedule 1 firms
  • Participation requires the firm to register with an approved program provider (WSPS)

Keeping People Safe and Healthy At Work Is Good For Business

Under WSIB’s rate framework, employers will fall into one of two groups based on their ability to influence their premium rates - high or low predictability.

Financial Rewards

Predictability Score Rebate of WSIB Premiums/Topic Rebate Cap (Per 12 month enrollment)
Group 1: Low Predictability (Less than or equal to 20%) 2.0% Min $1000/topic, up to 75% of premiums
Group 2: High Predictability (Over 20%) 1.4% Max $50,000/topic, maximum of $250,000 for 5 successfully implemented topics

NOTE: Predictability is a measurement of how much your past claims and insurable earnings can be used to predict future outcomes.

Check out WSIB’s Excellence program rebate calculator (XLS) to estimate your potential rebate.

Non-Financial Rewards

  • An improved health and safety program for participating employer workplaces due to focused attention on building knowledge and implementing plans.
  • An Excellence program participation badge will be visible in COMPASS when a firm’s action plan is approved by the WSIB (updated quarterly).
  • Firms will receive additional COMPASS recognition for each topic and level completed, as well as number of years in the program.
  • An annual achievement report will be sent to employers from the WSIB to reflect their progress in the program.

WSPS Pricing Structure

WSIB Premium Amount Annual Fee (Excellence program cost)
Premiums < $100K $800 + HST
Premiums $100K < $1 Million $1,700 + HST
Premiums > $1M in WSIB premiums or Schedule 2 firms $2,500 + HST

How to Register

Registration for the Health and Safety Excellence program is now open. Complete the application form (117 KB PDF) or contact to learn more.

Excellence program Member Application Form (117 KB PDF)