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SUPERVISOR WSPS.CA 130-BPS-11-IGOT © 2024, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) | 905 614 1400 4 Inspections Checklist: ITEMS TO BE INSPECTED YES NO N/A COMMENTS 1 Are workers heavily exerting themselves, frequently in awkward postures, and/or doing the same movements repeatedly? 2 Do workers twist their backs when lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying materials? 3 Are workers using safe techniques to lift materials? (Bending the knees, lifting using leg muscles, back straight, secure grip, load close to the body) 4 Are workers lifting awkwardly? Above the shoulder, from the ground, large or odd shapes? Lack of handles or poor grip? 5 Are heavy and/or frequently accessed materials stored between shoulder and thigh height, so they are easier to lift? 6 Are carts used for material handling in good condition? Wheels roll smoothly, no flat spots or build up of debris? 7 Are workers overload carts making them more difficult to push/pull or obstructing vision? 8 Are lift tables, carts, and other material handling devices maintained in good condition and used as intended? Have workers received training on the use of equipment? OTHER OBSERVATIONS OR CORRECTIVE ACTIONS © 2024 Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) grants permission to approved end users to reproduce this document in whole or in part, provided its intended use is for non-commercial, educational purposes and that full acknowledgement is given to WSPS. WSPS reserves the right to extend this permission to other stakeholders and interested parties by express written permission upon application. WSPS extends no warranty to materials amended or altered by the end user. Under no circumstances is this document, or any portion thereof, to be duplicated for purposes of sale or for external reproduction or distribution. The information contained in this reference material is distributed as a guide only. It is generally current to the best of our knowledge as at the revision date, having been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and to represent the best current opinion on the subject. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by WSPS as to the absolute correctness or saliency of any representation contained in this reference material. WSPS assumes no responsibility in connection therewith; nor can it be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are contained in this reference material, or that other or additional measures may not be required in particular or exceptional conditions or circumstances.

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