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Managing Changing COVID-19 Requirements

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Encourage staff to report any near misses, incidents, or potential exposure to COVID-19. Treat any reported issues or loss reports as an opportunity for improvement rather than a problem. Encourage staff to also contact their H&S representative or JHSC representative as applicable to discuss concerns and provide additional feedback regarding measures and controls. Effective Investigations Safety Plan Guidance How can I reduce anxiety of fewer restrictions? Guidance Resources Try to anticipate how people will react to fewer restrictions. Some employees and customers will happily abandon physical distancing, mask wearing and working at home; others will want to continue to take these precautions, including vulnerable workers with compromised immune systems or medical conditions that put them at greater risk. Workplace Worries During COVID 19 We're all exhausted. What workplaces can do Talk openly about things that might be causing fear or feeding uncertainty. Answer questions when you can and be honest when you can't. Remind employees about what you are doing on their behalf and what they can do for each other. Consider holding a "town hall" meeting to allow for open communication. Assess Your Risk of Getting Covid19 Instead of guessing and thinking you understand what employees are worried about, ask them directly. If you believe they may feel uncomfortable providing feedback, you can capture concerns in an anonymous manner such as having them complete a survey. Managing Mental Health During COVID 19_ Signs and symptoms Leaders Instilling Hope and Resiliency During COVID 19 For more information visit NOTE: This document is intended for informational purposes only to provide an overview of the potential hazards posed in the workplace due to COVID-19, and reflects the most current information as of the publication date. It is not intended as medical or scientific advice, to provide a comprehensive risk assessment for all workplaces, or to replace any legislated workplace safety obligations. WSPS has not endorsed and does not endorse any particular product or company as a solution to the risk presented by COVID-19. Due to the ongoing evolution of the situation in Ontario and around the world, this document may be used as a guide for Employers in addition to guidance delivered by public health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Any use which is made of this document by any Employer or individual, or any reliance on or decisions to be made based on it, are the responsibility of the Employer or individual. WSPS and its partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, suppliers, and service providers accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in content or for damages of any kind or nature suffered by any Employer or any third party because of use of or reliance on this communication. March 11,2022

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