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CASE STUDY – LADDER SAFETY – WAREHOUSE Keywords: Ladder, Manual Materials Handling, Lifting, Carrying 1. Background On occasion, employees are required to access items on a top shelf requiring a mobile platform. These items are for special orders, and each box weighs approximately 26 kg. The special orders are often one of the last things that are picked during a shift. An employee was seen stretching to retrieve a box when they lost their balance and fell. Luckily they were not seriously injured, but the employee immediately reported the incident to their supervisor. 2. Assessment The company has a strong health and safety program and decided to undergo a review to determine the root cause. It took the following steps: Underwent a document review on policies and procedures. Inspected the mobile platform. Reviewed inspection records and incident reports. Reviewed training records. Observed employee behaviour. Completed a risk assessment. Spoke to the JHSC and several employees about the incident. WSPS.CA

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