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Case Study: Ladder Safety - Retail

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CASE STUDY – LADDER SAFETY – RETAIL Keywords: Ladders, MMH, Lifting 1. Background It's Christmas time and is the busiest time of year for this company. Providing excellent customer service tempts even the most seasoned employees in retail to work quickly. While rushing to carry a box down a ladder in the stockroom, one worker fell from the 4th rung. While the employee avoided major injury, this wasn't the first time it has happened at this store. 2. Assessment While the response to the fall was immediate and the employee received the appropriate first aid, the company did not want this to happen again as they feared it was bad for business and were concerned about the well-being of their employees. In order to prevent this from happening again, the company Reviewed their first aid training. Underwent a document review of their policies and procedures. Reviewed any inspection records and incident reports. Completed a risk assessment. Spoke to employees about how the stockroom was designed and if there were any issues with stocking and removing boxes. Completed an incident investigation. Reviewed training records. WSPS.CA

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