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Working with Tires and Rim Assemblies

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When working with tires, such as deflating, inflating, or mounting and dismounting tire and rim assemblies, it is important to work safely to avoid injury to yourself or others around you. The three tasks that will be outlined are: 1. Deflating Tires 2. Inflating Tires 3. Mounting and Dismounting Tire and Rim Assemblies (including trucks) There are specific hazards associated with each task, as well as corresponding safe work guidelines. One of the identified hazards common to all these tasks is working in awkward and fixed positions. Common Hazard: Working in Awkward and Fixed Positions Details Muscles tire quickly when you stay in a fixed position, placing them at higher risk of injury. When working with tires, working in awkward or fixed postures occur because of the tires' size and weight. As well, when inflating a tire, operating the remote valve manually necessitates holding it in the 'on' position for a significant amount of time. Threat Muscle strain and associated tendon, nerve, disc, or joint pain; common areas at risk include lower back and shoulder Musculoskeletal injuries (e.g., tendonitis) Safe Work Guidelines Whenever possible, keep fit by stretching and exercising your body regularly outside of work Ask for assistance (e.g., another worker, support for the part) Complete other tasks in between vehicles, so that you are not doing the same task for a long period of time WORKING WITH TIRES AND RIM ASSEMBLIES WSPS.CA

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