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Motor Vehicle Incidents

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Page 1 of 1 com%2Fen%2Fforms-resources%23q%3Ddistracted%2520driving%26sort%3Drelevancy%26f%3Alanguage-facet%3D%5BEnglish%5D&highlight=distracted+driving aDDItIonal reSoUrCeS Click on titles to access resources. 1. Motor vehicle incidents 2. MTO safety standards 3. Distracted driving policy template: – Ministry of Labour – CAA 4. Videos on distracted driving 5. 'Eyes on the Road' 6. Seatbelt safety MotoR VehIcle IncIdents Review driver abstract regularly Inspections (vehicle inspections, annual inspections, circle check etc.) Medical clearance Training (defensive driving, skid training, emergency preparedness etc.) Driver safety program and policy Regular vehicle maintenance schedule Fatigue awareness and breaks Periodic check-in process and tracking: Know where your drivers are steP tWo: take stePs to PReVent MVIs (contRols) HAZARD SPOTLIGHT don't want to journey alone? call 1 877 494 WsPs (9777) The information contained in this reference material was produced by Food, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Products Advisory Committee and is distributed as a guide only. It is current to the best of our knowledge as at the revision date. No guarantee is made by WSPS as to the absolute correctness and WSPS assumes no responsibility in connection therewith.

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