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Objective: To know the common hazards associated with falling objects so that accidents can be prevented. Background: "Struck-by" accidents are related to material handling and housekeeping. Poorly stacked material may fall or slide and objects blocking aisles could cause bumps or tripping. Keep aisles and passageways clear and well-marked. Allow safe aisle and door clearance to prevent getting caught or knocking down material. Tools or loose parts should not be left on window ledges, shelves, cranes or working platforms since they can fall and cause damage or injury to a fellow worker. If there is a potential danger from overhead hazards, wear an approved hard hat (Refer to Protecting the Head). Be alert and report these hazards. Potential Struck-By Accident Hazards: No side barriers on conveyors. Objects leaning against walls, racks, posts or equipment. Inadequate guarding on belts or other conveyors traveling from one level to another. Unmarked low beams or pipes. No screen guard on equipment, or poor or incomplete screening to guard against objects flying off the equipment. These potential hazards can be eliminated by: Leaving guards or screens in place on equipment as it was manufactured. Marking low beams, pipes, and ceilings. Proper stacking and storing of objects. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS STRUCK-BY ACCIDENTS WSPS.CA

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