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Agricultural Safety Topic - Proper Use of Ladders

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Objective: To be able to demonstrate the safe use ladders that are used primarily for construction and/or maintenance jobs. Background: Basic steps that should be taken before climbing a ladder Consider the type of work to be done before choosing a ladder. Be certain the ladder is able to carry the amount of weight that will be applied. Make sure the ladder is placed on a firm level surface. Check the condition of the ladder before use. Inspection Checklist for Potential Hazards Metal Ladders Wood Ladders Fiberglass Ladders sharp edges dents bent steps, rungs or rails no slip-resistant rubber or plastic feet splits cracks chips loose rungs or steps loose components missing components cracks chips Step Ladders Be certain the spreader is locked before climbing on the ladder. Never stand on the top or top step of a stepladder. Extension and Straight Ladders Raise the extension ladder to the desired height and lock both sides. Never stand on the top three rungs of a straight or extension ladder. Don't lean a ladder against a movable object. Always face the ladder and hold onto the side rails with both hands, when going up or down the ladder. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS PROPER USE OF LADDERS WSPS.CA

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