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Objective: To know what safety precautions to take when working with a chain saw and to practice proper maintenance of the chain saw. Background: Operator's Manual Keep the operator's manual with the chain saw. If the manual is missing, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Periodically review the manual for safe operating procedures. Use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job. Use the following as a guide: Clothing should fit well and be free of dangling or ragged edges which can become tangled in the saw. The use of nylon mesh protective leg chaps and/or knee pads can provide increased protection for the legs. A hard hat protects the head from falling limbs or branches. A properly fitted hat is cool, comfortable and provides protection from head injury. A full face shield or safety goggles/glasses that have side shields prevent injury from flying wood chips, twigs, and sawdust. Protect ears from the high level of noise produced by the saw. Safety boots or shoes with high tops protect ankles in the event of accidental contact with a moving saw blade. Steel toed boots will help protect the feet from falling limbs or logs. Lightweight leather gloves protect hands from cuts, splinters, and abrasion. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS ChAIn SAwS

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