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Agricultural Safety Topic - Caught in or Caught-Between Objects

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AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS – CAUGhT–In OR CAUGhT-BETwEEn OBjECTS 2 130-011-03-IADO © 2014, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) | 905 614 1400 | After servicing, all PTO shields should be replaced for safe operation. Snug fitting clothing should be worn when working around a PTO. This will prevent clothing from being caught in the PTO. (Refer to Power Take Off) When unhitching a wagon, a farmer forgot to chock the wagon wheels, and was caught between the shop wall and the wagon when the wagon rolled forward. While unloading or working on equipment, the wheels of equipment need to be pinned to hold them stationary. This procedure is called chocking. By chocking the wheels, the equipment will be unable to roll and cause injury. (Refer to the module Chock and Block.) While hitching a loaded hay wagon to a tractor, an employee was caught between the wagon and the tractor. When helping someone to hitch equipment or an implement to a tractor, you should stand to the side and be clearly visible to the person driving the tractor. If you are standing in between the tractor and the equipment, you could easily be crushed between the two. Review the Following Points: Importance of using guards. Know how to properly operate equipment. Use caution when working with moving equipment. Always follow safe operating procedures. Based upon: Ohio State University Extension. Caught In or Between. Retrieved from website

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