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Order picking can result in a variety of muscle and joint injuries and pains from repeatedly or forcefully reaching for and lifting product, using scanners, applying stickers, standing in one position or working overtime. Other injuries and even death can result from falls and collisions with powered equipment or other workers. In addition, order pickers may be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Hazard: Product in Bins and Shelves by Hand Details Picking product by hand can expose you to stressful postures and forceful actions. These can be harmful if you must reach above your shoulders or far away from your body, bend at the waist or twist to remove product from high and low bins and shelves, or lift heavy product. You could also fall when picking product from high locations. Threat Back pain Muscle strain in your neck, back, and shoulders Serious injury from falling Safe Work Guidelines While You Are Picking High Product Consider using stock-picking carts with ladders attached to avoid lifting objects from above the head When you are 3m (10ft.) or more above the floor, use fall protection Follow your workplace's ladder safety policies To put small, light items close to the edge, use pick sticks or hooks To reach high product, use only stock-picking carts or platforms or cages that comply with the regulations – do not climb the racks or use the forks of a lift truck as a platform See Industrial Establishments Regulations 851 (s.52) and Ministry of Labour (MOL) information on Ladders at ORDER PICKING WSPS.CA

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