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Objective: To be able to recognize loading dock and warehouse hazards. Background: Powered industrial lift trucks are widely used. Two common, serious accidents involving powered industrial trucks are: Backing off of the dock. Overturns (turning too fast with the wheels too close to the edge of the dock). Improper and irregular stacking of materials causes accidents. Failure to "tie in" stacked boxes or cartons, and piling stock too high causes the stock to fall. Make sure that stacked materials do not block the sprinkler system. Double check to ensure that the brakes of the highway truck are set and the rear wheels are chocked (Refer to Chock and Block). Chocking the rear wheels keeps the trailer from moving away from the dock upon entry with the lift truck. Tips for working on the docks: Be alert when working on the dock. Don't speed. Watch out for other trucks and workers. Look for boxes, cartons, drums, crates or skids that are not in their proper places. Also watch for items that extend beyond the aisles. Follow established traffic lines and storage boundary lines. Be especially alert for overhead hazards, like pipes, structural members, lights, door casings, or high cable wires and signs. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS LOAdInG dOCkS & WAREhOUSES

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