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Objective: To wear the correct respirator for the job and make sure it fits properly. Background: A dust/mist respirator will always have two straps and should not be confused with single strap masks. (The single strap masks are only for nontoxic nuisance dusts.) It protects your lungs from most dusts, mists, pollen and certain low toxicity pesticides, as specified on the label, by removing small particles from the air you breathe. Dual cartridge respirators are available to handle a long list of contaminates. The three types mostly used by farmers and ranchers are those effective for: pesticide application; for ammonia; and those for spraying toxic paints and using solvents. However, they are not designed for use against gases that are extremely toxic even in small concentrations such as manure or silo gases from a recently filled silo. They also, should not be used for contaminants their cartridges are not designed to handle or in oxygen deficient places. An air-supplied respirator should be worn in oxygen-limited environments. Some situations that may lead to respiratory related injuries include: You have a beard, mustache, long sideburns, a deep facial scar or deformity. You have lung disease, heart trouble or breathing problems. A doctor's advice may be needed before using a respirator in these situations. It has not been approved for the specific hazard you are protecting yourself against. It does not accommodate for glasses. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS RESPIRATOR FIT

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