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Objective: To learn the proper use and care of eye protection. Background: Shatterproof safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shields offer eye and face protection and yet provide for clear vision. Many eye protectors also have side shields and/or filter lenses. Side shields offer protection from flying objects. Filter lenses provide protection from radiation such as is encountered in welding. Not all flying objects (i.e. high velocity items) will be stopped by wearing eye protection. All glasses must meet the minimum standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute. Approved lenses are marked by the manufacturer. "Z87" will be on all other major components. Prescription glasses wearers should wear protective eye wear that either incorporates the prescription lenses or fits comfortably over prescription glasses without disturbing the fit. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS PERSOnAL EYE PROTECTIOn

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