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Page 0 of 6 Introduction Workplace injuries and illnesses can be prevented. The key to achieving safe production is to identify and control all workplace health and safety hazards. Employee health and safety are integral to productivity. A management system that integrates health and safety activities into all aspects of the company's operations will help achieve positive results in productivity, quality and, above all, the health and safety of employees. This guideline highlights some critical health and safety program activities. Health and Safety Policy Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires employers to prepare, and review at least annually, a written occupational health and safety policy, and to develop and maintain a program to implement that policy (s.25 ( j)). A policy statement, signed by your company president and dated, should contain references to the following points: the importance of the health and safety of all employees compliance with health and safety legislation objectives of your health and safety program, and the fact that program activities are integrated into all functional operations the responsibilities of everyone in your company Your policy will be the foundation of your workplace health and safety program. You must post it prominently in your workplace, where it will come to the attention of all employees. You should promote it by other means as well. Experience shows that the clearly demonstrated commitment of senior managers to workplace health and safety has a positive influence on employee attitudes. Your written policy, backed by a sound program, is a way to establish this commitment. Responsibilities Each person in a company, no matter what his or her function, has some responsibility for health and safety. Assign responsibilities, set these out in writing to ensure that they are understood, and hold the appropriate persons accountable. General Responsibilities Make sure that each member of your management team accepts responsibility for health and safety in his or her area. Line managers' responsibilities may include the following: identify and control hazards ensure that work practices and procedures are understood and observed train employees investigate all accidents to determine the causes, and what corrective action is needed maintain equipment, machinery, tools, etc., in good working condition conduct regular health and safety inspections StaRtIng youR HealtH and Safety PRogRam

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