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Agricultural Safety Topic - Protecting Against Noise

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A new noise regulation, Regulation 381/15: Noise, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), replaces the noise protection requirements set out in the regulation for Industrial Establishments, Mines and Mining Plants, and Oil and Gas-Offshore. Effective July 1, 2016, the noise regulation extends the noise protection requirements to all workplaces under OHSA to help protect Ontario's workers from noise-induced hearing loss, a leading cause of occupational disease in the province. Objective: To know the effect of noise on hearing, and to practice proper protection against hazardous noise levels. Note: It is good practice to review the hierarchy of controls from top to bottom. The most effective controls are the ones that eliminate the noise all together or by making a substitution with a quieter piece of equipment. Engineering controls could include with enclosing the noise source or using quieter processes. There are also awareness controls such as education and training; and administrative controls like rotation of workers from high noise to low noise levels to reduce exposure. As a last resort and possibly implement in combination of other controls is hearing protective devices such as ear plugs or earmuffs. Background: The most common reason employees resist wearing hearing protection is because they just don't think they need it. This is a frightening fact because hearing loss is gradual, and by the time it is realized, the ability to hear has worsened. It may be too late. Another reason individuals give for not wearing hearing protection, is that they think the protection will be uncomfortable. The following are several types of hearing protection devices which give good protection, are comfortable and easy to use: Rolldown Foam Ear Plugs – Plugs are spongy, soft compressed or shaped prior to insertion; expandable to provide a snug fit. These are disposable plugs. Note, most brands can usually be reused a few times as long as they are clean. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS PROTECTInG AGAInST nOISE

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