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Page 0 of 4 General Safety Practices Review the operator's manual for instructions and precautions Practice using all the controls and make sure you can stop the machine quickly Make sure all guards and safety devices are in place and working properly Inspect the machine for loose, broken or damaged parts; tighten bolts or make needed repairs or replacements before using the machine Make sure the equipment has a working engine interlock and a deadman control When Refueling Store fuel in a properly marked safety can Fill the fuel tank out of doors Make sure engine is off and cool Do not smoke while handling fuel and keep away from sparks and open flames Wipe up any spill immediately Before Using the Equipment Wear close-fitting clothes, sturdy non-slip steel- toed safety shoes or boots, eye protection, ear protection and, in summer, a wide-brimmed hat (no bare feet, sandals, or sneakers) Check overhead clearance of electrical wires and other hazards Inspect the work area for debris, ditches, potholes, stumps, irrigation valves, etc.; clear removable items and mark the others For riding machines, adjust the seat, fasten the seat belt, set the parking brake, place the shift lever in neutral or park, and disengage the power take-off before cranking the engine When Using the Equipment Start the engine out of doors Before backing up, look behind you for people or obstructions Keep your hands and feet away from moving parts Hedge Trimmers What Can Happen Cut fingers Hearing loss Eye injuries Back strain Hand-arm vibration injury Choosing a Hedge Trimmer When buying a trimmer, choose one with the cutting teeth and guards close enough together that your fingers can't fit between them Using Landscaping EqUipmEnT

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