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Agricultural Safety Topic - Starting & Stopping a Tractor

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Objective: To be able to start and stop a tractor the proper way. Background: Before mounting the tractor, make sure guards and shields are in place and in good working condition. Use provided handrails for mounting and dismounting. Adjust the operator's seat for fit and easy access to controls. Before starting the engine remember to: Place the gearshift lever in "neutral" or "park." Place all hydraulic controls in neutral. Disengage the Power-Take-Off (PTO). Apply the brakes. Depress the clutch pedal. Tractors will start in gear if normal starting circuitry is by-passed. Start the engine from the operator's seat with the transmission in park. Do not start the engine by shorting across starter terminals. Never start the engine while standing on the ground. If jumper cables are needed to start the engine, make sure polarity is correct. Reversed polarity will damage the electrical system. Always connect the positive cable first and then the negative cable. Avoid sparks around the battery because escaping gas can cause an explosion. Avoiding sparks is difficult, so position the ground connection away from the battery. This will help keep sparks away from the battery. Follow the instructions in the tractor operator's manual. Always wear eye protection when working around batteries. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS STARTING & STOPPING A TRACTOR WSPS.CA

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