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Agricultural Safety Topic - Preventing Machine Hazards

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Objective: To reduce hazards and prevent accidents involving machinery. Background: Proper training can prevent injuries. Know how to operate a piece of machinery and inspect for problem areas before turning on the power. Avoid tripping hazards by keeping air hoses and extension cords out of the way. Check before operating: Have you reviewed the owner's manual? It will provide operating, repairing, lubricating and fuel information. Are the warning decals in place? Are the machine guards properly placed and in good condition? Are electrical lines damage free? Are air and hydraulic lines in good condition and not leaking? Is the setup a proper setup? Is the area around the machines orderly? Is the equipment jack in working order? Personal Protection: Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as goggles, safety shoes and leather gloves. Long hair should be tied back or tucked under to avoid getting caught in machinery. Avoid wearing jewelry. AGRICULTURAL SAFETY TOPICS PREVENTING MACHINE HAZARDS WSPS.CA

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