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Introduction In Ontario today people are still becoming injured, sick or killed as a result of hazards around machinery and equipment in every industry. Many of these accidents are caused by human error. There are numerous potential hazards around machinery and equipment, such as cutting edges, gears, chains, revolving shafts, rotating blades and levers. Safety Hazards Contact with moving parts Contact with electricity, heat, fire, cold, other energies Contact with pressurized gas or liquid Health Hazards Contact with harmful chemicals Contact with harmful noise, radiation, vibration Lack of adequate workplace ergonomics: handling and process design Harmful actions to the environment and community Safety Hazards Where? At the controls: starting or stopping, set-up, adjusting. Where you feed materials into the machine: loading, cleaning. Where the machine cuts, turns, drills, shapes, punches, or moves in any way: cleaning and maintenance, trouble shooting and repair, adjusting, setting up. At the gears, wheels, cylinders, belts, rollers, chains, cables, sprockets, cams: cleaning and maintenance, trouble shooting and repair, adjusting, setting up. Around lift trucks, tractors, harvesters and moving equipment. Around conveyors, elevators, and shredders. Around any machinery and equipment that can release energy (e.g., hydraulic systems). Machine Safety

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