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MACHINE HAZARDS STEP TWO: TAKE STEPS TO PREVENT MACHINE HAZARDS IN OUR WORKPLACE (CONTROLS) Conduct pre-start health and safety reviews as required Conduct risk assessments Provide education and training Use proper safeguarding controls to reduce risk; e.g. presence- sensing safety devices, fixed barriers, emergency stops, and safety signs Follow lock-out procedures Conduct pre-shift checks Ensure that the machine is well maintained at all times Wear personal protective equipment Understand safe practices including emergency procedures ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Click on titles to access resources. 1. Machine Guarding 2. Machine Safety 3. Safety Finger 4. Lockout HAZARD SPOTLIGHT Don't want to journey alone? Call 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) The information contained in this reference material was produced by Food, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Products Advisory Committee and is distributed as a guide only. It is current to the best of our knowledge as at the revision date. No guarantee is made by WSPS as to the absolute correctness and WSPS assumes no responsibility in connection therewith.

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